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Cartoon Network’s global recognized evergreen brand follows two best bros on a constant quest to be righteous and to triumph over challenges, both physical and emotional, in the fantastical Land of Ooo.
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Adventure Time™
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Redbubble Partner Program
Redbubble Partner Program
Superfans rejoice. Create new ways to connect you (awesome independent artists) with popular brands so you can share your inspired (officially licensed) fan art with the world.

Fan Art Artist

Applies to all fan art submissions in the partner program.

Be original

While your work will include a brand’s Intellectual Property (like a company’s logo or a character from a TV show), it’s important to add something original of your own - make it unique.
Do your research - make sure your design hasn’t already been done.
Don’t submit screenshots or imagery taken directly from the property.

Be mindful of explicit content

Some brands might be ok with adult content, but others aren’t. Check each brand’s guidelines if you want to know more about what each partner thinks is ok.

Be creative

Play with styles and mediums. Get inspiration from the brand - watch, read, or play it again.
Specific to Adventure Time™
  • Do watch Adventure Time episodes and get inspired!
  • Do be original with your fan art.
  • Do feel free to incorporate icons, elements, subtle show references, and easter eggs that can make your fan art more interesting and unique.
  • Do try different styles for characters.
  • Do leave the logo as-is if you’re incorporating it into your design. Recolored, stretched, or modified logos will unfortunately not be approved.
  • Do add a ™ after the show name if you are writing it into your artwork.
  • Do ensure that your fan art is high resolution to ensure a high quality print! Low resolution images may not be approved.
  • Do be sure that the title of your fan art is age appropriate.
  • Do be mindful of submitting works that are age appropriate, and do not contain content such as nudity, adult themes, etc. Works that contain such content may be rejected.
  • Do be sure to read the Policies and Intellectual Property sections to left of this page to ensure your work falls within all guidelines.
  • Do ensure that your fan art submission is exclusive to Redbubble.
  • Have fun!
  • Don’t use any 3rd party content or ideas, including mash-ups of Adventure Time with other properties. For example, do not create and submit Adventure Time x Minecraft fan art.
  • Don’t submit offensive material, including but not limited to:
    • obscene content, including nudity
    • divisive material
    • material which promotes illegal drugs (or firearms, or the use of any of the foregoing)
    • any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous
    • political agendas or messages
  • Don’t submit unoriginal works including but not limited to:
    • show logo or network logo alone
    • screenshots
    • existing licensed fan art or merchandise designs
    • promotional art or official images
    • plagiarized works
  • Don’t use the Adventure Time logo fonts as type for your designs. It should be used for the logo only.
  • Don’t include any personally identifying information, such as license plate numbers, personal names or email addresses.
  • Don’t create your own characters - please stick to the awesome characters from the Adventure Time series.
  • Don’t switch Finn’s robot arm. It must always be his right arm. BMO’s design is asymmetrical and must never be flipped. Marceline’s bite marks cannot be flipped (they must always be on her left side).
Get your file ready and upload your artwork using these tags:
adventuretimerbppsubmission, AdventureTime, Adventure Time
Please note: It may take 5+ or more weeks to review your fan art submissions. Thank you for your patience!

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Fan Art Artist


Fan Art Artist


Fan Art Artist

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Get your file ready and upload your artwork using these tags:
adventuretimerbppsubmission, AdventureTime, Adventure Time
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